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What Makes Baku Such a Beautiful and Unique Destination?

Updated: Mar 31

Baku is the main capital of Azerbaijan, which can be found along the coastline of Caspian Sea--yes, the sea that was famously featured in the movie Narnia!

The architectural structure of most of the buildings is a mixture of that of contemporary and European era, mainly because this little country is located at the boundary of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Honestly, I have not heard of Azerbaijan before. When I moved to Dubai in April 2023, I heard from most of my work colleagues about it. Most of them have travelled here so I checked it out myself.

Dubai to Baku is just 3 hours by plane and costs roughly 800 dirhams (USD 218) roundtrip for economy seat (without check-in baggage) via Azerbaijan Airlines, departing from Dubai International Airport (DXB).

However, if you are aiming for a way cheaper deal, you can get a flight for just around 400-420 dirhams (USD 110) roundtrip economy seat (without check-in baggage) but this is through WizzAir, which departs from Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). That means, you still have to travel 1hr 15mins to Abu Dhabi coming from Dubai.

The cheaper me opted for AUH of course! There is an airport bus that transports from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and vice versa, everyday, every hour, that costs 30 dirhams (USD 8). The bus departs from/to Ibn Battuta bus station in Dubai.

If you are looking for a quick trip, Baku is definitely one of the options. As a nature lover myself, I appreciate the outskirts of Azerbaijan more than the capital. Visit my review about Qabala and indulge in the lush greeneries of this amazing country!

Last Update: 30 March 2024

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